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AthTech Run

Photo ©: Miguel Calvo
El Kilometrín (Gijón)
October 9, 2018 (17:00)
Breakthrough technologies in a handicap relay race where strategy is key.

AthTech Run is a polylauf * relay race where teams will be composed of different number of athletes depending on their gender and age, bringing an exciting and fair competition among 15 teams.

This competition will serve as a technology showcase. At the race, training device makers, timekeeping service providers, data processing experts, will exhibit their products and services that will enhance the show.

* The polylauf was invented by Richard Holt of Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers, London, whose club has used it as a pre-Christmas fun competition for many years. It's generalised from paarlauf, a German word for a two-person relay


We don't want to offend anyone by differentiating team members by gender and age. So, in order to make the competition more challenging and thrilling for spectators, teams will have different number of components:



AthTech Run is a handicap race, so there will be only one category where all teams will be included.

There will be trophies for specific challenges to be measured during the event (e.g., fastest lap, average lap time, etc.).


Among the teams of AthTech Run:

starting list


Kilometrín and all the zones for the competition
Kilometrín and layover of the competition and logistics zones (©Google)

Technology Showcase

During the competition, technology companies and experts will present products and services with application in sports. Anonymous data from the competition (i.e., splits, performances, biometric information, etc.) will be processed and visualised as practical demonstration of what is being discussed at the AthTech Conference.

Companies and individual experts may install devices along the race course to collect and present competition data in real time or after the competition.

Competitors may be asked to carry on devices to monitor performances and collecting anonymous data that will serve as raw material for further demonstrations.

Companies are open to bring their solutions and products and present them during the event.


Several companies will present their products and services during the competition. Anyone is welcome to visit us.

In case you are interested in taking part in this showcase presenting something interesting, please contact us.


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