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AthTech aims at helping Athletics move forwards, with a strong focus on sports data management and interoperability among stakeholders (federations, event organisers, clubs, timekeeping providers, training-devices makers, data experts, journalists, among others). European Athletics has been working on a digital strategy for the sport, building a common infrastructure to guarantee universal interoperability among all stakeholders. This strategy will be presented and enhanced through the different interactive sessions, strategically organised to cover all challenges proposed by the attendees.

This conference is open to anyone interested in any topic related to technology and sports.

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Shape the future of Athletics

We will discuss European and global requirements of Athletics management systems to implement a standard to collect, process, publish and share Athletics information (athletes, teams, governing bodies, participation in competitions, results, issues and results, etc.). This event will serve as a forum to search for a common solution built on top of the existing local platforms to share Athletics information in a common way.

During two days experts from all around the world will identify challenges and propose solutions.


The conference will be focused on sports data management in general, including:

Check the agenda and feel free to send us your suggestions.


Standards for Athletics

A standard infrastructure for Athletics data management will enable a common mechanism to gain effectiveness and efficiency in the process of collecting and sharing data on a global scale. We will be able to: federate resources in an automatic way; establish universal identifiers for athletes, clubs, and other entities; access better reports; track competition issues, and records; have centralised up-to-date rankings; create and publish live results; create new services and products on top of the data.

The common Athletics infrastructure follows the open data paradigm, encouraging the publication of data in standard formats and under permissive re-use licenses. This will bring us successful services and innovative products —made by federations or by third parties— that will affect the sport in a positive way.


AthTech is open to anyone. Among the attendees there will be:

You are invited to present your experiences on competition management (how information is collected during a competition, how entries are registered, how/where results are published, etc.). Individuals with the skills and energy to contribute to the sport are welcome.


Formal registration will open in January 2021 - details will be posted to this site.

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