Conference topics

Athletics data? What data?

The scope of this conference includes all data regarding Athletics:

  • Persons (athletes, coaches, officials, organisers, etc.);
  • Organisations (governing bodies, teams, clubs, associations, medical organisations, etc.);
  • Events (scheduling, venues, etc.);
  • Competition (entries, start lists, rankings, results, stages, distance/height cards, features, records, etc.);
  • Any other data related to Athletics.

We consider the sport of Athletics as a broad concept, including track and field disciplines and official competitions (cross country, road races, race-walking, mountain races, etc.), but also the rest of amateur and fun competitions (i.e., school games, fun runs, local traditional disciplines).Discussions will take into account previous efforts to represent sports information: BBC Sports Ontology, IOC ODF, IPTC, and Also the experiences of key players in competition management in terms of Information Technologies. The outcome of the conference will serve to define the final version of the OpenTrack Vocabulary, developed by the W3C OpenTrack Community Group.